quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2009

Nesta fotografia há um calendário

(Foto: Otelo Fabião, em Budapeste. )

"Personal belongings are:
shoes made in Romenia branded by benetton
pig and synthetic fur hat
black tie
strawberry yougurt milka chocolate bar
sulphur 10.000 homeopathic remedy globolli
lighter with sexy and tanned man
one star hat vintage marine toy, dismembered
blau schwarz pelican ink container
melatonin 3mg pill box
lapis lazuli and silver ring, broken
psychogeography book thermometer
vintage photographs
flu pills condoms
multivitamin sweets
calendar for 2009 broken nail clipper
self-image as a child towel
vitamins and ginseng for energy boosting
room and gate keys.

All we need."