sexta-feira, 30 de junho de 2006

This Is What She's Like (para o mano)

(De Don't Stand Me Down, 1985)

"Well, you know the kind of people
That put creases in their old Levis? - Sure
The type that use expressions like tongue in cheek and send up?
Indeed l do
I don't like these kind of people - No?
May I state here and now,
But I can't help thinking,
All the time I'm thinking of her
What's she like? - In time, in time
Let me put it another way - Please do.
Well, you know how the English upper classes are thick and
Ignorant and not used to being with people?
That's true
You're familiar with the scum from Notting Hill and Moseley
The C N D? - Sure
They describe nice things as wonderful
She never would say that,
She's totally different in every way
What's she like?
In time, in time
Tell me, what's she like?
Come again?
Tell me, what's she like?
In time in time
Well, this is what she's like
I would like to express myself at this point
Go ahead
Bill, you know the newly wealthy peasants
With their home bars and hi-fis?
Eh, I'm not sure actually
You know, the ones who parade all their possessions
And put fabulous and super in each sentence
Oh yeah, I know the ones
Well I don't really like these scumbags
May I be clear on this point? - Sure
She's not a bit like that
No, nothing like that
What's she like?
In time, in time
Tell me, what's she like?
Bill, I'm trying to tell you
Oh well I'll tell you what she's like
Given half a chance
I will make this clear
Just what she's like
I'll present a picture of what she's like
You'll be in no doubt as to what she's like. But listen close
Listen close now here
Come on, are you gonna' tell us what she's like or not
Oh yeah, I have every intention.
I'll tell you now, listen
Go on,
Go on,
Do you get my drift?
Oh yeah, I'm starting to get the picture
Well listen, I can expand on this if you like
Yeah, if you would
Oh, I see, I see She must be something
Yeah, she is.
Well how did all this happen
Just all at once really.
The Italians have a word for it
What word what is it?
A thunderbolt or something
What, you mean the Italian word for thunderbolt?
Yeah, something like that
I don't speak Italian myself you understand - No
But I knew a man who did
Well, that's my story,
The strongest thing I've ever seen."