terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011


Am I, Red?
Can she be human?
Thank thee.
What goes on? You got tears in your eyes.
Don't stop, Mikey. Keep crooning.
How are the mighty fallen...
There! Now they're open!
I'm standing here, solidly in my own two hands and going crazy...
I look wonderful - I smell good, too!
Ah, George... Very high morals, very broad shoulders.
Say something, stupid!
Doubtless without a doubt.
I think men are wonderful.
Class, my eye!
My fiancé that was, that is.
(Falas soltas, de personagens à solta, de The Philadelphia Story.  Em sequência cronológica. Neste filme trabalha um belíssimo grupo de profissionais encabeçado por Jimmy Stewart. Ou por Katherine Hepburn. Ou por Cary Grant. Ou por Virginia Weidler. Trabalhadores, enfim.)